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Alternative Energy

EnergyRefuge.com provides alternative energy news, environmental articles, and energy saving tips. We focus on alternative energy because it is now being looked at as a means of fueling our economy as we move away from oil dependence. There is an oil crisis that is raging overseas, in our government, and at home. People are starting to look at alternative energy such as solar, nuclear, ethanol, and biodiesel energies.

Let's face it, there is not enough oil in this world to continue at our current consumption rate...eventually, our supply will stop and the world's economy with it. Filling up at the pump is becoming costly and people are worried because our nation is so dependent on everyone else, but ourselves. Solar energy is becoming more and more common as a means to power things that normally run off of electricity. Ethanol is starting to creep into the gas tanks of more and more Americans as we see countries like Brazil in South America running on ethanol, and depending less on gas. Wind energy farms are starting to dot the countryside in countries all over the world. Alternative energy is becoming more prominent now, and environmental concern is no longer for the "tree huggers". People are starting to wake up and see that our planet is slowly being destroyed by pollution and lack of responsibility. That is why we exist here at EnergyRefuge.com - to bring understanding about alternatives in energy, and environmental responsibility.

Do you have alternative energy working for you? Are you concerned about the environment and how it is being destroyed? Are you exploring energy alternatives yet, or are you caught up believing that we have enough fossil fuels to sustain our economies forever? Please browse our alternative energy articles, read our energy commentaries, make your voice heard by commenting on our blog, and most importantly...make your impact felt and heard even in small ways. We all have a duty to protect, care for, and conserve this precious planet that we have been given.