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Alternative Fuel Articles

Alternative Fuel Sources - There are several types of alternative fuel sources. The most widely available at present are plant sources.

Flex Fuel - If you own a flex fuel vehicle you do not have to change any driving habits, but will have to make compromises if you insist of using E85 ethanol fuel only.

Diesel Fuel Prices - Diesel fuel prices are high and you can expect them to continue to go up for a myriad of reasons. Read more about diesel fuel costs here.

Fuel Cell - Fuel cells generate electricity by an efficient chemical reaction without pollution. In the United States, the Hydrogen Fuel Initiative (HFI) was announced in 2003 that was supported by legislation in the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and the Advanced Energy Initiative of 2006.

Green Fuel - What is green fuel and what will it do for the future of America? We are not headed where we think we are.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles - Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are cars that run on hydrogen gas instead of gasoline.

Sweet Sorghum Biofuel - Sweet sorghum biofuel is called a smart biofuel due to its high energy yield – it produces eight units of fuel for every unit of fuel used to make it.

TCH Fuel Card - TCH is an expert in fuel management and offers the TCH fuel card specialized for transportation companies.

Tenaska BioFuels - Tenaska BioFuels is Tenaska's marketing unit dedicated to the expanding ethanol and biodiesel industries.

EPA fuel economy - The EPA fuel economy estimates assist consumers in comparing the fuel economy of different vehicles. Don't buy a car without knowing what to look for.

Fleet Fuel Management System - An efficient fleet fuel management system is important in a business, especially with rising fuel costs.

Flexible Fuel Vehicles - Flexible fuel vehicles are vehicles which are designed to run on a gasoline/ethanol blend in any percentage up to 85 percent.

Fuel Additives - Fuel additives are supplements that may be added to gasoline in an effort to improve the octane rating or inhibit corrosion.

Fuel Cell Vehicle - If you’re looking for a cleaner way to drive, a fuel cell vehicle is one of the most environmentally sound options.

Fuel efficient vehicle - Fuel efficient vehicle travels 3,145 miles on one gallon of gasoline.

Biodiesel Fuel - Biodiesel fuel is a clean burning alternative that is produced from domestic waste renewable resources such as cooking oil.

Biofuel Cities European Partnership - One of the reasons why Biofuel Cities European Partnership was set up is because in the EU transport is responsible for an estimated 21% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

Biofuel Options - Currently there are several biofuel options. One of them is based on crops high in sugar or starch and then use yeast fermentation to produce ethyl alcohol (ethanol).

Biofuel Usage - Biofuel usage. ..Is it harmful or helpful to the environment? Find out here.

Cars That Run On Alternative Fuels - For cars that run on alternative fuels, which type of fuel should be chosen? What are the advantages or disadvantages of each? Find out here.

Chlorella Biofuel - Chlorella biofuel is a very clean type of non-fossil fuel that can make a significant contribution to reduce carbon emissions.

Corporate Fuel Cards - A corporate fuel card looks like a credit card, although payment terms are often shorter. Terms of use also vary and responsibility tends to fall more heavily on the client as in the case of wrong transactions.

Diesel Fuel Tax Credit - The diesel fuel tax credit is available to individuals as well as businesses. Find out all the benefits here.

Alternative Fuel for Gas Engines - The most common case of alternative fuel for gas engines is the flex fuel vehicle which runs on an ethanol and gas blend.

Alternative fuel vehicle sales growing - With high prices and rising energy costs, more Americans are buying alternative fuel autos, including diesel, hybrids, and ethanol fuel vehicles.

Alternative Fuel - Alternative fuel is any non-conventional fuel made of materials and substances that pollute less than conventional fossil fuel.

Alternative Fuel Sources For Cars - By definition, alternative fuel sources for cars are those that come from sources other than petroleum (fossil fuel).

Alternative Fuel Vehicles- A Buyer's Guide - Here's a guide to alternative-fuel vehicles if you're convinced gas prices will stay high and you're willing to buy a new car.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles - Alternative fuel vehicles are vehicles that run on fuel sources other than fossil fuel or fossil fuel derivatives that pollute less. These include ethanol, biodiesel, hydrogen, electricity, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

AMERIgreen Biofuels - Learn more about AMERIgreen biofuels- an American based, green, biofuel supplier.