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2007 hybrid car2007 Hybrid Cars

One of the biggest players in the 2007 hybrid car market is the Toyota Camry hybrid. The Camry has a great design and extremly green features. One such feature is that the engine only runs when the computer tells it to which makes this car very fuel efficient. Although the mpg is not as good as some of its competitors, the Camry has been looked at as the 2007 hybrid car to have.

Another incredible green machine is the 2007 Nissan Altima hybrid. The Altima hybrid has a state of the art, continuously variable transmission, or CVT, which allows the gasoline engine to operate in its most effective ranges while providing smooth shifting. This sedan has style, class, and a new green package, so be on the lookout for this new hybrid.

2007 toyota camry hybrid2007 civic hybrid

Last but not least is the Honda Civic hybrid- a top performer in the Partial Zero-Emission Vehicle field. You can actually feel comfortable that you are not adding to the earth's pollutants when driving this vehicle. The great name, reputation, and good fuel mileage make this hybrid a great contender amongst its peers.

2007 is going to be an exciting year for hybrid cars and the green movement, so enjoy the ride.