algae biodiesel investments

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Algae Biodiesel Investments

As the technology moves to the biofuel mainstream  the prospect is that algae biofuel investment is set to grow in the near future as methods to extract the fuel from the plant becomes more efficient and scalable. And it's starting to happen: PetroAlgae, a developer of systems to derive biodiesel fuels from algae, recently closed on a $10 million capital raise through the sale of approximately 3.2 million newly-issued shares of common stock to two existing investors.

There is reason to get excited when it comes to algae biofuel investment. "The proceeds from this offering are expected to help finance the launch of PetroAlgae's most significant milestone to-date, the commercialization of its first biodiesel product derived from algae," said PetroAlgae Inc. Chairman Dr. John Scott. The more algae biodiesel investment grows, the quicker the market develops.

algae biodiesel investmentsAlthough algae biodiesel research by the Department of Energy goes back to the 1970s it was abandoned in favor of ethanol. However, last year it was put firmly back on the energy political agenda and even NASA is studying the possibility of using it as a jet fuel. Those interested in algae biodiesel investment will also be happy to know that algae can be grown in bioreactors on land not used to cultivation of food crops, which is the case of the technology used by PetroAlgae. Besides, algae production absorbs CO2 and its facilities can be co-located with power plants that burn fossil fuels. The CO2 from the power plants can be routed to the algae production facilities. It doesn't get much greener than that.

Still, despite the potential, algae biodiesel investments are not for those looking for fast returns. The technology is still being developed although the aviation industry is already testing it and has high hopes for it. Besides it scores very high on renewability and as such algae biodiesel investment may prove to be one of the greenest choices in biofuel investment. Go to for more biodiesel investment information.