Beijing 2008 Olympics Solar

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Beijing 2008 Olympics Solar

The 2008 Olympics in Beijing will be using solar energy to heat the shower water in the Olympic village. This state of the art solar power energy system will provide hot showers for over 10,000 athletes, showing that alternative energy can be a powerful force when harnessed properly.

This solar system, which is to be installed later next year, was donated by the Italian government to the Beijing 2008 Olympics. The Beijing Olympics organizers have committed themselves to making the 2008 games to be environmentally friendly in a multitude of ways. This seems to be a new trend that is emerging in the worldwide sports community. The World Cup proved that alternative energy can go a long way to help reduce our impact on the environment.

Beijing 2008 Olympics

It will be interesting to see what will be done at the 2008 Beijing Olympics to show true green conservation and environmental is rapidly changing, the environment is not getting better, and according to the picture above, a "petrochemical" company is an official sponsor of the Olympics. I am going to need a little more convincing than solar showers...

Written by Ethan K.

Image by: Jeremy Wallace