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Best Hybrid Car

What is the best hybrid car on the market? Well, most hybrid car owners will tell you that the best hybrid is the one that they drive. We decided to be as unbiased as possible and find out which car is truly the best hybrid on the market.

A small rule of thumb to use with cars (hybrids included) is the smaller the car is, the less gas it will consume. Based on that rule, the Toyota Prius would have to be our choice for the most compact, yet still stylish, hybrid car.

best hybrid

Gas Mileage
It is hard to get good estimates from all the hybrid models currently on the market, but based on a popular poll by the Department of Energy and the EPA, we have to go with the Honda Insight.

toyota prius best hybrid

Hybrid Experience
Toyota wins this category hands down. All other hybrid car manufacturers are either a few steps behind in hybrid technology or they are liscensing the technology from Toyota.

So where does that leave us? These few categories are only a small taste of the type of research that went into finding out which was the best hybrid car. After all the results came in, we have to hand the title of the best hybrid car to the Toyota Prius. If you have not test driven one, you are missing out! Stop paying ridiculous amounts of money to drive around town, and get a may just like being a treehugger.