California million roofs plan

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California one million solar roofs plan

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation that is designed to have one million solar roofs built in California by 2018. This is a HUGE step in the right direction for the state of California and for the governator. The plan, when implemented, will provide 3,000 megawatts of solar energy and will make the air in California so much cleaner. 3,000 megawatts is the equivalent of about 5 electric power plants, and will provide California with clean and much needed energy.

million solar roof plan

Customers who participate in this program will be able to sell back excess solar power to the power companies for credit on their bills. One portion of the bill would seek to make solar power a standard item on new homes and requiring a developer of more than 50 new single family homes to offer the option of a solar energy system to all customers beginning Jan. 1, 2011

California should be lauded for their efforts to push for a cleaner state and a leader in solar energy. The governor has done a great service to the state of California by ensuring that they not only keep up with efforts to move toward alternative energy, but they also be a shining example of the power of solar energy.