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Eco Friendly Gifts

We all like to give our loved ones gifts that express our appreciation of them. To the green at heart, buying gifts may appear to be a frivolous, excessive endeavour, since most people have more than they actually need. But giving a gift doesn’t have to be wasteful and ostentatious. The point is to express affection and not to display wealth. Eco friendly gifts are the answer to this ethical dilemma. Often made with sustainable materials, they can be an affordable option to those who want to express affection both to the recipient of the gift and to Mother Earth.

Below is a brief guide to eco friendly gifts:

  • Recycled: upcycling or recycling materials that could otherwise end up on landfills is one of the greenest ways to manufacture; those looking for planet-friendly options can’t go wrong with this option. It can cover many areas: clothing, accessories, furniture, decoration pieces, footwear etc. To add an extra touch of sustainability, try to find a local artisan whose work is based on recycling.

  • Organic and natural: products made with organically certified materials make great green gifts as well, and often they come laced with socially responsible credentials, since their raw materials may have been sourced from fair trade cooperatives in economically deprived parts of the world. There are several organic certification schemes; usually the product will be labelled very clearly.
  • Eco friendly and renewable: perhaps you are attending a wedding and would like to give the newly-weds something useful for their home. An electronic appliance, for instance. In this case, look for the Energy Star label, which guarantees the product is energy efficient. You may also like to look for solar-powered products that are increasingly common on the market.
Whatever you buy, always ask yourself about the ecological footprint of the product in question. Consumers hold the power when it comes to sustainability. If we demand it, the market will respond accordingly.