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Ethanol Fuel

Ethanol fuel is a gasoline alternative that is manufactured from the conversion of carbon based feed stocks such as sugar cane, sugar beets, switch grass, corn, and barley. It is an alternative from petroleum based fuels and it is said to be better for the environment. Ethanol fuel can be combined with gasoline at different percentages, or can be used in its pure form as E100. Not every vehicle can run on 100% ethanol, but most run on small percentages of ethanol blends which are common at most gas stations. Ethanol has become more common because it is currently being used as an oxygenate additive for gasoline. It is a replacement for MTBE which was responsible for the contamination of soil and groundwater.

Ethanol fuel is a sustainable energy resource that is intended to provide a more environmentally and economically friendly alternative to fossil fuels such as diesel and gasoline. There are many debates surrounding the environmental friendliness of ethanol, and the production viability. Ethanol as an energy alternative discusses some of the drawbacks of ethanol fuel and this article says that ethanol is not the answer yet. So where does the future of ethanol stand?


Many proponents argue that it will bring us to a point of not depending on oil imported from other countries, and that we can produce all the ethanol that we need to be independent of the oil crisis. Opponents say that ethanol is touted as the answer, when it really will only slightly relieve our oil dependence issues. There are questions surrounding ethanol fuel that need to be answered before our country can say for sure what the future holds. If we continue to argue and debate instead of looking for answers or other fuel alternatives, we may find ourselves back at the drawing board...smarting from yet another slap from the oil industry.

Written by Ethan K.