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Free Solar Panel...Sorta

Solar power is free, but it is hard to find a free solar panel. Unfortunately for most people, solar power is too expensive to implement in their existing homes, cars, or garages. Certain kinds of solar installations can pretty much give you a free solar panel when you look at the return on investment. Let me explain...

If one doesn't have the money to install a whole home solar power system, they can always look for a cheaper solution that can help them power smaller electronics around the house.

free solar panelThe long life of the solar panel combined with a small price tag of $350 will help you start utilizing solar energy and getting more comfortable with solar power and how to best harness it.

We wrote a quick and dirty solar power generator how-to that should help you construct this solar generator from start to finish. This solar generator's battery will hold 400 watts of electricity which may not be enough depending on individual needs, but a battery double the size may be purchased for only another $50 or $60. Now start utilizing the solar power to run small appliances, and before long, you will save enough on your energy bill to basically make your solar panel free.