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Geothermal Video

It is one of the cleanest sources of power, but still largely underexplored. However, interest in, and exploration of, geothermal as a clean source of renewable energy are growing. Geothermal means "pertaining to the heat of the earth” and some claim it can provide up to 50% of a household’s energy needs. But how does it work? Let’s have a look at this Imagemaker Advertising Inc.’s geothermal video.

This animated illustration is one of the best geothermal videos online. The video gives the view a very clear picture of how a geothermal system works. It describes how water in underground reservoirs is heated to high temperatures by magma, how production wells tap to this hot fluid, a small amount of which becomes steam. It shows how all steam created in the plant is sent to a turbine on site, whose force spins the blades and turns a shaft connected to an electrical generator. As a consequence, an electrical charge is created and directed to a transformer with the voltage increased and sent down power lines. Any fluid not flashed into steam returns to the underground reservoir where in time they will be reheated and reused. It makes it all sound very simple, indeed!

“How Geothermal Heating and Cooling System Work” ( is another very didactic and straightforward geothermal video showing how a geothermal system works. It’s similar to the video mentioned in the previous paragraph, but it also includes extra information such as interviews and on-site demonstrations by real people. It’s a very watchable video that anyone can follow.

Finally, even renowned British futurist, Dr. Patrick Dixon, has jumped on the geothermal bandwagon. Dr. Dixon, who’s authored books such Futurewise and Building a Better Business, appears in this geothermal video ( published by In it, the author lends his support to geothermal as a source of clean energy and also gives viewers an idea of how it works. He sums it up like this: “It’s an interesting technology because it can be used so widely and both in winter and summer time”. It’s less technical than the other two videos mentioned and touches on the application of geothermal and some practical considerations.