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Google goes solar

Google is going solar! This new initiative by Google will use about 9,212 solar panels and generate 1.6 megawatts of electricity to provide power for their campus, and reduce their impact on the environment. 1.6 megawatts is enough power to supply electricity to roughly 1,000 average homes, and enough electricity to power 30% of the Google campus's peak needs.

This solar installation, which is one of the largest in the world, will start in November 2006 and is expected to finish in the spring of 2007. The solar panels will cover about 4 acres and generate enough power and save enough money to be worth the undisclosed investment, according to Google.

google solar

EI Solutions will be installing the solar panels and infrastructure and they will be using solar panels manufactured by Sharp Electronics, which will be placed on rooftops and used as shades in parking areas. The solar system will be grid tied allowing Google to sell back power to the electric company when they generate above and beyond their needs.

Google is always looking for ways to make their campus more environmentally friendly and show that large companies do not need to pollute and destroy the environment in order to be profitable.