home energy saving tips

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Home energy saving tips

We all could use home energy saving tips. Let's face it, even if you make good money, energy costs are expensive. It seems that energy costs are skyrocketing, and it is getting more and more painful to open those energy bills every month. We have put together a list of what we think are great tips that will help you to make a nice dent in your bills every month. Stop being intimidated by the gas bill, and take some steps to reduce it.

  • Adjust your thermostat- Does it really need to be 55 degrees in the summer, and 85 degrees in the winter? Adjust the thermostat and invest in a few ceiling fans. The fans will help to circulate the air all year round, and they are more cost efficient than blasting the A/C or heater.
  • Unplug unecessary appliances- I have been in people's homes where three TV's are simultaneously going, but two of them are unwatched. Grow closer as a family and agree on the same shows, or just start cutting down TV time.
  • Put appliances on power strips- Power strips ensure that devices and appliances do not draw power when the power strip is turned off. Placing items on a power strip will make a big difference in the amount of electricity that you unknowingly waste every month.
  • home energy saving tips

  • Don't leave windows and doors open- If you have the A/C or heater running, make sure that you keep the windows and doors shut. In ten minutes, y ou can drastically change the core tempature of a room.
  • Do leave windows and doors open- I reside in Maryland, and between April 1 and about June 1, I can go without using my A/C or my heater. If you live in a region that will allow you to keep your house comfortable by opening and closing windows and doors, and not running the A/C or heat, you will save a LOT of money.
  • Replace old appliances with Energy Star appliances- This speaks for itself. Buying Energy Star appliances will save you a lot of money in the long run, so go check some out.
  • These tips will definitely save you some money on your energy bills, so make a note of them and put them into play.