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Home Solar Panels

In recent years the effects of global warming has aroused an interest in the “green revolution,” and everyone from large corporate companies to small businesses to homeowners are trying to “go green.” In other words, eco friendly ways of living are being incorporated into everyday activities in the form of renewable energy, recycled goods, bio fuels, etc. The use of home solar panels is a great source of using eco friendly energy in homes instead of electricity. Solar panels are technologically advanced and provide excellent energy for the common household. They use renewable energy from the sun and are an environmentally safe and clean way of harnessing the sun’s energy and using it in a very productive way.

Solar power is the most feasible renewable energy source for the average household. It is also more affordable due to federal, state, and local government incentives offered to set up home solar panels. Your home energy bills can be drastically reduced even without a renewable solar panel system by switching to CFL light bulbs, using energy star appliances, using smart power strips that can turn off electronics when they are not in use, and insulating doors and windows.

The ideal setting for home solar panels on the roof is unobstructed south facing roof space. If you do not have such ideal space you can use a ground mounted system or an east-west roof with good exposure to install solar panels. You have to ensure that there is no shading at any point of time in the daylight hours because that can reduce the effectiveness of the solar panel system installed.

In states like California, New Jersey, Arizona, and Colorado incentives and rebates are offered to compensate for the power you produce that can offset a part of your initial investment costs. Companies today offer excellent financing options when you buy their home solar panels, and within a couple of years your cash invested will be realized by saving on utility bills.