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Hybrid Car Misconceptions

We wrote an article last week about buying hybrid cars and we got some emails...a few nice, and a few mean. We decided to clarify some things about hybrid cars and some common misconceptions that our readers had.

1. When in reverse, the gas engine does all the work.

Actually, the electric motor does all the work. If you tend to have gas guzzling fuel habits, then maybe you can try driving in reverse to work. Okay, maybe not.

2. Hybrid cars get insanely high miles per gallon.

As soon as a hybrid enters the on ramp to the highway, the mpg starts to fall and can actually dip below average mpg rates depending on a person's driving habits. Those slow pokes who grip the wheel for dear life are the ones who save the most fuel.

3. Hybrid batteries do not last very long at all.

Most hybrid cars' batteries come with an 8 year warranty or more. That is not too shabby if you ask me!

hybrid car

4. I won't ever get a hybrid because I don't want to have to worry about charging the hybrid electric battery.

Hybrid cars do not need to be "plugged in". They use braking energy to spin the electric motor and charge the battery. This process is known as regenerative braking.

This article was meant to present some misconceptions that some of our readers and a lot of "hybrid newbies" face when dealing with decisions about buying hybrid cars. While hybrids may not work for every driver, when someone does some research and learns how to maximize the benefits and gas mileage, they can prove to be incredible investments.