hybrid cars beat gas prices

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Gas prices too high? Get a hybrid car.

By: Ethan K.

Since BP has stopped the flow of oil in the Alaskan oil fields, the average person has to ask, "What does that have to do with me?" Well, gas prices will be affected, AGAIN. We have the answer...get a hybrid. A hybrid car is the answer because they are extremely fuel efficient.

People are tired of being ripped off by money hungry oil companies who have no shame in raising rates if something can even remotely influence oil prices. Oil companies now have the world's attention, and they plan on milking every penny they can. So what do you do if you are little, old, Granny Smith that lives on $500 a month from her late husband's pension? Well, you go trade in your Buick Century (no offense, but it seems like an older person's car of choice) and get a hybrid vehicle. There are many different competing brands now that range from 40 miles per gallon to a whopping 60 miles per gallon. Add up what you will save at the pump, and the twenty-some-thousand dollar price tag doesn't look so bad.

hybrid car

Here at EnergyRefuge.com, we are a little biased and prefer any Honda hybrid. Honda is a car that is built around a reputation, and lives up to it. So now, Granny Smith can cruise around town, most likely doing 15 miles per hour every inch of the way, and she may possibly stretch that 60 mpg to 70 or 80 mpg. Wait...these hybrid vehicles aren't just for the older generation, everyone is finding that saving bundles a month on gas is not too shabby for a hybrid. Sure, you may still depend on gasoline, but you won't have to take out a second mortgage to keep your hybrid car filled with gas.

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