better hybrid gas mileage

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Better hybrid gas mileage

hybrid gas mileageHave you been trying to get better mileage on your hybrid? Now it can be a reality with these simple tips.

1. Allow your car to "break in". Most new cars, including hybrids, need a few months or a few thousand miles to break in. Until they are broken in, gas mileage may be not be the best.

2. Keep your hybrid in the speed zone! Keeping your hybrid around 40 - 45 mph will allow the best performance.

3. Test your routes so that you find which one allows for the least traffic and best gas mileage. Having fewer cars on the road will help to increase your mpg because it allows you to use different techniques for braking and accelerating.

better gas mileage hybrid car

4. Set the cruise control on the highway to about 55 mph for the best results. Sure, you may not be able to be the speed demon that you are used to, but this is about saving money, right?

5. Allow your hybrid to warm up in cold seasons. So many hybrid owners are worried about getting the best gas mileage that they don't allow the car to warm up for fear of wasting gas. All cars need to warm up- it is extremely important for protecting your car's vital parts.

6. When you stop at the gas station, check your tire pressure and use low octane gas. Low octane gas actually contains more energy, so don't waste your money on the top grade. As for tire pressure, it is a major factor behind gas mileage, aerodynamics, and car safety.

Keep notes on your gas mileage, octane ratings, and vehicle speeds- they provide the best insight into your hybrid and its gas mileage. Getting the best gas mileage for your hybrid is actually an art, so give it time. Perfect it, and you will soon see that the 3 minutes that you spent here, combined with the time you spent in research will pay off.