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Make A Solar Panel

If you are a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kind of person, making solar panels is your kind of task and absolutely within your reach. You will need some basic tools that are easily available and some perseverance. Most of the tools you require to make solar panels might already be in your toolbox or in your tool rack in the garage. If you get the right instructions you can save money doing it yourself. Solar panel kits are available in the market but will set you back up several hundred dollars.

The basic structure for making solar panels consists of a wooden box that will hold the solar cells. To make the box you need a drill, saw and a screwdriver. Silicone glue, soldering iron, wire cutters and strippers will also be needed. Soldering is not difficult and you are only dealing with big wires in this project. To start the project, you need solar cells. Each of these cells, measuring 3”x6” will generate 18v, 3.5 amps in direct sunlight. If you buy 108 cells you will get 3 panels of 36 cells.

The best container to hold the solar cells for making solar panels is a wooden box. After determining the layout of the solar cells, measure the dimensions of the box that will be needed. You will need some wood or fiberboard to attach the solar cells and then this will be placed inside the wooden box. Placing a clear cover over the box will protect it from the weather but allow the sun to generate the electricity. You must drill a hold in the box to run the wires out of the box.

Using silicone glue, attach the solar cells to the wood or fiberboard. Most panels are 36 cells wired together. Wire the cells together with two copper wires, one for positive lead and the other for negative lead, making sure you are touching soldering points because otherwise the solar panel will not function. After placing the solar panel in direct sunlight and connecting the positive and negative leads to a voltmeter, test the array of solar cells. If the connections are all working well, the voltmeter will measure about 9 volts. Using wood, build a frame around the setup and secure with screws taking care not to damage anything. Cover with the clear material and your solar panel is ready.

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