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Saturn Vue Hybrid

The Saturn Vue Green Line hybrid was the talk of the Los Angelos Auto Show as GM's chief executive, Rick Wagoner, sang its praises. The Saturn Vue hybrid is unique in the fact that it said to be able to plug into standard electrical outlets, and would get a reported 70 miles per gallon. It is currently in production and awaiting battery technology improvements which will sway its release date. Wagoner acknowledged the technological hurdles in GM's path, but said they would be overcome them. GM has been gearing itself toward the green market most likely due to the overwhelming increase in environmental concern and high gas prices. GM is currently producing a hybrid Saturn Vue, known as the Saturn Vue Green Line SUV, which gets 32 mpg on the highway and 27 mpg in the city. 32 miles per gallon is already the best highway fuel economy of any SUV, so 70 mpg should clearly be attainable using their hybrid technology.

saturn vue hybrid

The Saturn Vue hybrid is a great SUV to drive because of its decent gas mileage and company reputation, but a plug-in hybrid model would seriously kick start a rush to drive greener vehicles. While I know that all automakers are not truly "environmentally conscious", steps to make more green vehicles is commendable. I am looking forward to seeing the Saturn Vue hybrid, and I hope it is all that it is cracked up to be.

saturn vue green line hybrid

(See the Saturn Green Line web site here.)