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Solar Panel Kits

Homeowners interested in generating their own electricity could find in solar panel kits a great option to do it cheaply and easily. These are kits to help consumers build their own solar panels to generate photovoltaic solar energy. A quick search online will produce hundreds of results, reflecting the variety of products on offer. Therefore it may be a good idea to hear some advice from experts to find out which options are best for each case.

Solar panel kits often are turnkey solutions to make the process of tapping the energy of the sun simpler. They require some electrical experience, but a solar installer can be hired to carry out the more technical stage of the work. The first thing to ask yourself is whether you would like a solar power system that would tie into the building’s existing power system and feed power back into the grid (which would then reduce electricity bills). The other possible scenario is a building with no power connection (for instance, a cabin in the countryside, a shed, a portable, and so on). In short, an off-grid situation.

Spheral Solar, for instance, has an online advice page whereby visitors can fill in a form with personal information such as zip code, personal offset, type of building (residential or commercial) and the utility the household is connected to. Once the data is entered, the system will lead the visitor to the right type of solar panel kits. When planning a solar power installation it is important to calculate how much available roof area gets exposure to sunlight. Different panels produce different conversion efficiencies so it’s important to do some homework and enquire from other neighbors who already use solar panels in the area. This could prove to be a valuable source of information.

Also, do some homework about state and federal rebates available. With these fiscal incentives, the retail price of solar panel kits may be lower than the initial investment. Check out these awesome solar kits