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Solar Path Lights

Itís very pleasant to see a garden lit up at night with path lights, and itís even more pleasant when the lights in question are solar path lights. These come up automatically as night falls, and, best of all, do not weigh on the electricity bill as they are powered by sunlight, which they capture during the day.

Besides the pleasant aesthetic effect mentioned before, solar path lights do have an important role: they shed light on the darker corners of the garden or yard and help prevent accidents. We tend to lose our sense of space in the dark and even if we have memorized natural walking hazards in our property, itís a good idea to keep them visible after dark.

No one needs to be an electricity wizard to install path lights since it requires no wiring to be done. This type of path lights are self contained and do not pose any threat to animals and children. They come ready to use. The location of choice should be one that faces direct sunlight, so that solar cells charge up the batteries that will power the path lights at night. Itís that simple. A light sensor regulates the on/off function according to the light conditions of the day (dark/light).

As light and storage technologies improve, path lights are set to become more efficient. That coupled with design creativity will certainly make the exteriors of our properties get an extra sparkle of beauty. Be sure to check out our solar light store for the best solar path lights.