solar power circuit

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Solar Power Circuit

Solar power is the cleanest and most renewable type of clean energy. It may sound very sophisticated but in fact building a solar power circuit can be quite simple. A device that will collect sunlight is the first requirement to create a solar power circuit. You can start with monolithic copper indium diselenide. This product is widely available and costs just a few dollars. On the back of the panel youíll find two solderable terminals marked with polarity, with specifications given. Such panels are capable of producing 4.5 V up to 90mA. Itís important to stress relieve the connections when soldering directly to the terminals.

On a more sophisticated note about solar power circuit possibilities, one of the latest developments came from the University of Pennsylvania, where researchers created a photovoltaic circuit that can absorb sunlight and immediately use it to power the device to which they are connected. These are different from solar cells, which convert sunlight energy to electricity and store it for later.

This breakthrough solar power circuit works through surface plasmons, which oscillate on tiny molecules called nanoparticles. These plasmons act as a 'super lenses,' which gather all solar light hitting the circuit. Once the light's collected, the particles pose as electrodes to ferry away the electricity for a device to use.

The new solar power circuit can only harness a tiny amount of energy from the PV circuits, but scientists believe power production will increase to levels that can meet the power demands of consumer electronics, which make phone chargers, for instance, much less necessary on sunny days.