solar garden lights

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Solar power garden lights

I stepped out one evening to run to the grocery store, and I couldn't help but notice all the people on my street, and surrounding streets, who run "prison camp style" porch lights at night. You know, the spotlights that are meant for industrial use and not to throw a little light on a house? No energy efficient solar powered garden lights...just glaring lights that just about blind you as you drive past. Now, this doesn't make sense to me because I am as cheap as they get. I think that everyone should have a wood burning stove, a solar panel, a tent, and a frying pan. Nature provides the rest, right? I guess it isn't my money that these people are wasting, but it seems like such a total waste of energy. These are the same individuals that moan and groan when gas goes up .25 cents.

solar garden lights

One particular house (I am convinced that they think they are a lighthouse) has a light post halfway down their driveway, and it casts so much light that it blankets the street in front of it. It looks like a giant garden light on steroids. I wonder to myself why people need SO much light. I understand why they have lights on at night, as I myself do...I just don't understand why they need to go crazy with it. On the way back from the store, I started to take notice of the people who had solar powered garden lights. House after house that I passed seemed to have great solar LED lights out front, as their means of lighting walkways and driveways. I felt better knowing that the actions of some energy conscious people balanced out the energy wasting of the people who could care less about saving energy. If you are one of those people that lights up half the neighborhood at night, consider a good solar light set that will gracefully light your paths and driveway. They look great, work well, and pay themselves off in saved electricity costs. Also consider changing outside bulbs with more energy efficient, longer lasting CFC bulbs.

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Written by: Ethan K.