solar roof vents

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Solar Roof Vents

Heat and moisture can wreck your attic. Temperature during hot summers turns your attic into a radiator and sends the excess heat into your living areas resulting in excessive costs to cool your home. In winter, the heat that traps in the attic can melt the snow on the rooftop, and as the water trickles down and refreezes, it damages your roof. Solar roof vents are an eco-friendly way of cooling and protecting your attic and roof from environmental exposure and damage. Solar roof vents are powered by solar fans that run on solar energy instead of electricity. Installing a solar roof vent can save up to 30% on your cooling costs.

Solar roof vents can also keep your attic cool and dry by removing heat and moisture while eliminating growth of mold and fungal decay. When attic overheats, the shingled roof heats on its underside and is damaged. Shingle manufacturers offer advice on how much attic ventilation is necessary in homes.

Solar roof vents run all day when sunlight is present, and in all seasons. When the solar roof vents run constantly, the attic space is maintained at lower temperature. This does not overload your air conditioner nor are the shingles destroyed before their lifetime warranty. Moisture continuously escapes reducing the risk of damage and increases the safety of your home. It results in lower electricity bills and savings.

Advantages and disadvantages of solar roof vents

Although there are economic benefits of solar roof vents, your attic must be insulated thoroughly, ventilation facilities must be adequate, and the attic space must be sufficient to ensure that vents do save money on your power bill. If a building has a drop ceiling, solar roof vents cannot provide significant benefit in cooling the attic. If there is sufficient cross ventilation in the home, solar roof vents cannot add much benefit. Even though there are a few disadvantages of solar roof vents, they are on'e of the best available options to remove moisture from the homes.