solar rope lights

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Solar Rope Lights

Be it for practical or aesthetic reasons, solar rope lights can bring light to different parts of a house without adding to the electricity bill. They can light up those corners with no electrical outlet, replace lamp posts and decorate windows, driveways, patios and gardens.

Designed to run on solar power, one of the cleanest sources of power in the world, rope lights are made from LED bulbs (or light emitting diodes). These are the same bulbs commonly used in large neon signs because of their efficiency, longevity and brightness.

Solar rope lights’ LED bulbs are encased in plastic tubing that can withstand any type of weather, that is, it is impenetrable from any elements and doesn’t produce moisture inside even if it’s in contact with water or other cool elements such as snow – in short, there is no risk of bulbs getting wet and bursting into flames.

The plastic tubing is very flexible, just like a rope. You can wrap solar rope lights around trees, for example. They are flexible enough to accommodate V corners and can be twisted or bent to form into a Christmas tree, a palm tree, a snowman, a beach hut, or any other design.

Solar rope lights come in white, green, blue and red and have built-in sensors to automatically light up when the skies go dark. With all this variety, anyone looking to add a touch of color and fun to their homes need to look no further: Solar rope lights are the sustainable, original way of doing that, all year round.