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Solar electric power to get more affordable

Wakonda Technologies of Fairport, NY is developing solar cells and modules that enable the low cost production of high efficiency of III-V semiconductor photovoltaics. The company's proprietary "virtual single crystal" substrate results in a flexible, thin film cell suitable for building integrated and commercial systems applications. This technology will not only make solar power competitive with conventional electricity, but will also eliminate toxic and rare materials from the solar panels. Hold up a power being competitive with conventional electricity? Isn't that what we are waiting for?

solar power

See, when I read about technological advancements like this I have to ask myself....When will I get this technology in my hands? This is not meant to be a selfish question, but rather, a question of availability. When are we going to see solar panels in Home Depot or Walmart? I think it is absolutely incredible that this company is forging forward into a realm where we need more exploration, but how long will it take for the reality of it to hit mainstream society? This technology will no doubt become integrated with military technology and commercial avenues, but when it ends up in our back yards, we will know that a new era is dawning.

Wakonda Technologies is working on the answer to affordable solar power by breaking new ground in photovoltaic research. The time when solar power becomes affordable for the average individual may be right around the corner. Let's hope so...