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Solar power energy

For centuries, people have used solar power energy. It has been used to dry laundry, grow crops, and sustain life. Until recently, it has never been used to create energy and generate power. Solar energy is free, it is renewable, and it is great for areas that get a lot of sun but have very little electrical infrastructure. On the downside, solar energy can only be reliable in high sunlight areas, it can not be collected during the night, and it requires a lot of collectors to generate just a little bit of solar power energy.

solar power energy

There are many ways that solar power energy can be harnessed, some ways are:

1. Solar cells or "photovoltaic" cells convert the sun's rays directly into electricity. Solar cells are used in a wide variety of ways, from powering satelites to providing a means to power a home.

2. Solar water heating can be done many different ways. One such way uses solar power energy to heat up solar panels on the roof that are filled with water. The hot water is then circulated throughout the home giving off heat. This method of solar heating greatly reduces the amount of electricity or gas that the home uses.

3. Solar heating is created by using a solar collector which heats up cold air and circulates it into a building or structure for purposes of generating heat. This process does not need to use fans, sensors, or the like to circulate the hot air. The hot air is circulated when the hot air rises and the cool air enters the building and is heated through the solar collector. This air flow continues thus continuing to heat the air and circulate it.