solar panel shingles

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Solar Shingles

Solar shingles are an incredible breakthrough in the solar energy market. They appear to be regular shingles but they contain thin film photovoltaic cells which harness solar power. These amorphous silicon shingles are not only attractive but they are extremely powerful. They are more effective than solar panels because of the incredible amount of engineering that has gone into their design. They are more efficient and absorb more light than other solar materials and yet are durable enough to be utilized in roofing materials.

Because of the immense amount of heat that they absorb, these solar shingles usually require an under-decking of ventilated plywood. When they are laid on the roof like regular shingles, they overlap and provide the same protection and weather shedding effect. The wiring from the shingles run through the roof deck and to an area where they can be connected to the solar inverter.

solar shinglessolar shingles

The shingles are held in place by a heat-activated EVA compound which glues the shingles to each other. This keeps the shingles from shifting or moving in high winds. It can take two months to one year to produce the amount of energy that was required to make them. Once in place, the shingles quickly pay for themselves over their 20 year average lifespan.

These solar panel shingles easily blend in with other roofing materials which makes them virtually undetectable and much more appealing than traditional roof solar panels.

Because of their incredible power generation and the fact that they appear to be regular roofing shingles, these amorphous silicon shingles are truly at the cutting edge of the alternative energy revolution. You can buy these solar shingles here.