3 Easy Ways to Lead a Greener Life

by Tom Z. on January 17, 2018

There is no one today who isn’t aware of the importance of trying to live in a more ecologically friendly way. The effects of climate change and global warming are becoming undeniable, and we are no longer dealing with an abstract concept that might affect future generations. The danger posed by climate change is now immediate and obvious and it is something that we all need to start taking seriously.

The good news is that, while many people have resigned themselves to their fate as far as climate change is concerned, there are in fact a number of things that we can do to mitigate its impact and to contribute in our own way towards a more stable future and a sustainable ecological climate. Below are some of the simplest, yet most effective, steps that we can all take as individuals in order to lead greener lives.

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5 Tips to Make Your Home Remodel Energy Efficient

by Tom Z. on September 5, 2017

If you’re thinking about remodeling soon, why not kill two birds with one stone and implement energy saving trends to make your home more efficient? Some energy saving implementations can prove to be costly, but if you’re remodeling and making a mess anyway, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider an energy efficient remodel. Here are a few ways you can do that with the following tips.

1. Block Those Air Leaks

Many homes feel cold, not because of the weather or single glass windows but because there are numerous air leaks that homeowners don’t know about. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, for example, and you’re having new lights fitted in the ceiling, ensure the ceiling space is well-insulated around the lighting area, as that is often one of the main causes of air leaks. While you’re checking for air leaks, you might as well seal the window areas as well to prevent moisture and to prevent more warm air from escaping. If you’re wondering why your heating bills are excessive, these are usually the reasons why.

2. Insulate Upstairs

According to reports, half of the homes in the United States alone are under insulated. So, if you’re doing any renovation work upstairs, it’s time to invest in some more insulation to better keep the heat in your home. The attic is often a common problem for heat escaping because it’s not well-boarded with the right amount of insulation in-between.

3. Install a Thermostat

If you’re looking to save 10% of your energy, introducing a thermostat device somewhere in your house could pay dividends. It’s been reported that although thermostats can be costly to implement in the beginning, they tend to pay for themselves within a few months of installing because of the energy they’ve saved. Thermostats don’t just keep the right heat in your house throughout winter, they also do the same when it comes to keeping it cool in the summer.

4. Replace Old Windows

If you’re really taking apart your house for a completely new look, you might as well replace your old windows with some energy efficient designs. The latest window designs now come with the best technology when it comes to saving energy. Well-insulated, thick glass, and better-quality materials are used in windows these days that can prevent air from escaping. Invest in decent windows and you’ll instantly see a difference in the amount of energy you save every month. If replacing old windows and the like, ensure the professionals have the right ZOTA online certification just so you know they’re qualified if working with old paint with lead properties involved.

5. Replace Old Equipment

If your boiler isn’t giving your home the heat it deserves, it could well be time to invest in a new one. Boilers might be wasting more electricity than they are pumping heat, so it’s always a wise move to invest heavily in a good one just so you know your energy consumption isn’t going to be as much for less heat.

The above tips are just some of the tips you can use while remodeling to ensure your home is more energy efficient. Granted, some of the tips will require a reasonable-sized investment. However, the money they save over a longer period will eventually pay dividends to your pocket.

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5 Ways Bog Mats Help Protect Environment

by Tom Z. on August 23, 2017

Necessary steps must be taken by companies and their contractors to avert damage to environmentally sensitive areas. The use of bog mats is prevalent among industries keen to preserve natural areas. A bog mat is a cover designed to shield the ground from the impact of heavy machinery. Here are five ways bog mats help protect environment.

  1. Tree Roots are Unharmed

Transporting heavy machinery to a location might affect the region’s natural habitat as it often damages tree roots. Avert these issues with the use of bog mats. Tree roots supply the area’s forests with nutrients and essential moisture. These mats ensure that the underground tree roots are not damaged in mining operations or while preparing an oil rig inside a forest.

  1. Stops Soil Erosion

Contractors linked with different corporations are constantly on the lookout for natural and essential resources. It is their duty to ensure that the neighbouring environment does not sustain irreversible damage during the process of extraction.

Mining and rigging oilfields have a negative impact on the ground quality and tend to spoil the area`s ecological balance. They carry heavy machineries to the spot via wet grounds, marshlands or green fields. Bog mats ensure that the natural nutrients and minerals in the soil remain undisturbed and create short-term access through these regions.

  1. Natural Wetlands are Properly Preserved

Factors such as oilfield rigging, real-estate projects, urbanization and pollution are leading to rapid destruction of wetlands. Wetlands are the water supply resources for plants and bog mats help in preserving them.

These mats maintain the ecological balance adjoining these wetlands and also limit direct impact from human footfall.

  1. Animal Habitat Devastation is Prevented

An area`s biodiversity is significantly affected by earthworms and beetles as they depend on the soil for sustenance and shelter. An ecological imbalance is inevitable when there is deterioration in the ground quality. This in turn endangers their natural habitat as well.

A transitory access for animals and insects is created with the use of bog mats. It also sustains the environmental balance without disturbing their habitat.

  1. Restore the Ecosystem

Companies can carry out their work without adversely affecting the natural balance of life and resources. Your project’s objectives can be fulfilled in an agreeable way with the use of bog mats. Use them in a big, inaccessible forest or on preserved park land. There isn’t a better way to protect the ground yet make a conscious effort to leave the soil immaculate after completion of the task.

Bog mats allow your vehicles to reach the exact spot and are a crucial requirement in construction sites on boggy terrain. These mats are long-lasting and durable. Select from different sizes as per the different applications.

Safeguard the environment with the use of bog mats. One of the biggest challenges in this day and age is conservation of the environment. Using bog mats is a simple and easy way to make sure that the environment is better protected and less harmed while your construction or engineering project is on its way.

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Period properties are beautiful, but they can also be problematic. Modern building methods are very different and we don’t have to contend with issues such as lead paint or asbestos when buying a modern home. A ZOTApro certification will teach you all you need to know about lead paint if you have an older home to renovate, but what you should also be worrying about is improving its energy efficiency.


Historic buildings are rarely eco-friendly when compared to modern homes. You may not even notice how much energy you are wasting. When the wind is howling under the front door and the bedroom windows are rattling in their frames, you put on some extra layers, add a few more blankets on to the bed, and wait for summer to come.

Thankfully, there are plenty of simple things you can do to improve the energy efficiency of an older property, without destroying its character. Energy efficiency is a serious topic and everything we do to improve the energy efficiency of a period home helps the environment. Read on for a few ideas.

Keep Up with the Maintenance
Make sure you keep up with general maintenance on your home. Replace cracked panes of glass and clean out gutters so water isn’t channeled down walls causing damp issues. Check the roof regularly and replace tiles or shingles when they drift out of place or fall off.

Insulate the Roof
Insulating a roof is far cheaper than insulating the walls. In fact, wall insulation or cladding is not recommended for an old house, as older properties have solid, breathable walls, so insulating them can cause serious damp problems.

Check your roof insulation and add extra if required. Make sure any attic hatches are well insulated, as these are a major source of heat loss.

Only Heat the Rooms You Use
It is common to heat an entire house, even if we spend most of our time in one or two rooms. This is madness. Instead of wasting heat and energy, only heat the rooms you need. Switch off or turn down the heat in unused rooms and keep the doors closed. It is more energy efficient.

Draft Proofing
The heat soon disappears through gaps around doors and windows and the wind will find a way in. Fit draft excluders and use flexible filler to block up gaps around poorly fitting windows. It costs very little to buy materials from Home Depot, so spend a weekend fixing these minor problems and you will save some money on your energy bill. Even heavy drapes over a single-pane window will help keep the heat in.

LED Lighting
Swap incandescent bulbs for energy efficient LED bulbs. They burn for longer and cost a fraction of the money to run.

Fit Solar Photovoltaic Panels
If there are no planning restrictions in your area and you face south, fit solar photovoltaic panels to your roof and start generating electricity from the sun.

Tackle the cheap fixes first and if you have some cash to spare, start looking at more expensive energy saving measure such as ground source heat boilers and solar panels.

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DEELAT Solar Powered Motion Light Review

by Tom Z. on August 5, 2017

This review is of the DEELAT solar powered motion light which we had the pleasure of testing recently. This light is useful for home use as a security system to alert a homeowner to motion nearby and is also ideal for pathways, parking lots, and campuses. The product was packaged well and was protected against any bumps in transit from DEELAT. At first glance, the light looked sleek and well designed. After watching it in action and looking at it everyday…it is definitely very well manufactured and looks great in a home setting.









This light contains a motion sensor and an LED light array. The lights provide a constant light of 70 lumens once activated by a certain level of darkness. Just after sunset the light came on automatically and provided a nice, soft light that remains on until sunrise. The security portion of the light activates when someone/something passes within 2 meters of the sensor. For this reason, the light is best mounted at a height of 2.5 – 3.5 meters high. When activated, the light provides 700 lumens for 30 seconds before returning to it’s normal 70 lumen setting.

We were impressed with the accuracy of both the night and PIR motion sensor. The light never failed to activate when objects of various sizes passed within 2 meters of the light. The 30 second, 700 lumen setting seems to be a good amount of time to indicate the presence of activity in the area and provides enough light to be a good deterrent for security purposes.

Set up was extremely simple. Using a pin that is provided with the light, a button is pressed on the device to activate it. Next, the light was placed in direct sunlight to charge. It received about 8 hours of sunlight before it was mounted to an outside pergola where we could observe it closely and test it.

Using the provided screws, the light was mounted to the side of the pergola. Installation was easy and the light was mounted level in only 2 minutes. The location receives several hours of sunlight a day which allowed the light to re-charge even with heavy use. According to DEELAT, 7-8 hours of sunlight provide 3 nights worth of use. This means that the light could be expected to perform well even outside the summer months.

After testing for several days, we found that the light performed very well in charging, activating and illuminating. The design of the light is conducive to any home, business or public use. I can finally say that this solar powered motion light from DEELAT is a very well made and stylish unit that exceeded our expectations.

I am sure that most homeowners have been let down by lights that were cheaply made and performed horribly. This light makes us confident that solar technology is at a place where it is truly worth investing in for multiple home, business or public uses. You can find this and other solar outdoor lights by Deelat Industrial on their website.

Check out the light in action here: https://vimeo.com/228502035

What are our future plans for this particular solar powered motion light? Our next project will be to mount it to a chicken coop that we are constructing so that we can deter predators. We’re confident that this light will be worthy of the task.

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