Businesses are always looking to save money on their overhead. Everyone knows the key to successful business is growth. Most business never think about how their lighting systems can drastically change the amount of energy they use and what they pay for it. Consider this! A household using 30 normal light bulbs in a year would create 4500 lbs. of carbon dioxide emissions. On the other hand, LED light bulbs, would only produce 450 lbs. of carbon dioxide emissions. Imagine how much emissions your commercial property produces. The financial benefits are tremendous, but you will be saving money and helping our environment if you switch to an LED Lighting system for you business.

Carbon dioxide emissions are a significant contributor to greenhouse gases, which have been found to have an effect on global climate change. Because LED lights reduce the amount of carbon output, you are helping save the environment; there will be less waste and disposal hazards, which means less pollution. Take a look below to see all the benefits of installing more LED lighting systems in our communities.

  • Receive reductions of between 60% and 90% off your current lighting bill
  • Reduction in annual maintenance costs of between 70% and 90% Lower energy consumption
  • Helps your business achieve your Carbon reduction commitments
  • Improved performance of your lighting with reduced noise and heat output
  • Efficiency Led Lights produce more light per watt than incandescent and halogen bulbs
  • LED lights last on average 50,000 hours, that is 5 times as long as the best fluorescent bulbs, and up to 30 times longer than halogen bulbs.
  • Fluorescent bulbs are very fragile. LED lights are made with solid-state components making them difficult to break.
  • LED lights do not contain mercury, unlike fluorescent lamps
  • LED lights do not emit UV Radiation

Every business should consider switching to LED Lighting. Not only for the financial benefits but because it is better for our environment. When you install LED lights property you are drastically changing the amount of toxins that are being emitted into our atmosphere. Reduce your carbon copy and save your business money, one LED Light at a time.

About Us

LEDRadiant is a LED Commercial Lighting Company. Purchase LED Lights: Flood Lights, Corn Lamps, Tubes, Canopy, and more. For all your commercial lighting solutions contact us now.

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solar_power_BrazilA Brazilian utility has become home to the largest rooftop solar power farm in Latin America. The farm is installed at the administrative headquarters of Eletrosul in Santa Catarina (Brazil) and can generate up to 1.2 GWh per year.
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Open Call for Green Bloggers

by Tom Z. on July 4, 2014

Are you an alternative energy/green/eco friendly blogger who is dying to be heard? Are you looking for a place to share your ideas or to report on the state of affairs in the green community? Maybe you specialize in making child safe, green home cleaning products and you want to share your awesome recipes with the rest of the world? is opening its blog to bloggers who have no audience to those who have massive audiences- we would love to have you share your opinions on our blog!’s mission is to make green living easy and possible for everyone, everywhere. Our blog covers recent alternative energy reporting as well as every day green living tips. We need your help to get the message out. With so many people living on this planet, we have an enormous task ahead of us.

Who are we looking for?

  • Anyone who CARES about the green movement.
  • Anyone who has has a message to share.
  • Anyone who finds informing and inspiring others to be rewarding.

Here’s what to do:

Send an email with “Blogging Application” in the subject to webmaster [at] and let us know you are interested in posting. Once you are approved, you will have the ability to post as often as you wish.

Some Guidelines

  1. We will not allow spamming or outright self-promotion.
  2. We will nofollow all outgoing links. At our discretion, we will allow some dofollow links.
  3. We will not allow off-topic, hateful, divisive, or foul posts.
  4. All posts must be your own and should not be re-posted anywhere else.
  5. We expect you to add value to the green community. Please post appropriate, relevant articles.

We hope that you’ll join us and help us green our planet!

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{ 0 comments } Named As Top Blog

by Tom Z. on June 24, 2014

Avoca Water named as the 20th Best Green Blog in the world! We’ll take the number twenty position, though we need our readers help to bring us higher this year. ; )

Enjoy the infographic and be sure to check out some of the other finalists. Make 2014 the year that you commit to green action.

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energyrefuge top blog

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GM’s Volt Reaches Half A Billion Miles in California

June 21, 2014

GM has released the results of a survey about the use of its EV model Volt, which was released in late 2010. It looked at the use of Volt by more than 300 drivers in California. The main find: more than half a billion miles have been covered, mostly gasoline-free, with the Volt. Related Posts:SolarCity […]

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