January 2008

Solar and algae power

January 25, 2008

Electricity from solar power stations located in desert areas and biofuels produced from algae could play key roles in reducing the climate impact of cars, ships, trains and planes, said Dr. Nasir El Bassam, an expert in clean transportation who was speaking at the inaugural World Future Energy Summit, a forum for exchange and discussion […]

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FTSE launches environmental index

January 23, 2008

The FTSE Group, the global stock markets index company, has launched the FTSE ET50 Index, made up of the largest fifty pure play environmental technology companies by market capitalisation worldwide, with an investable market cap of USD161,216m. The constituents are taken from a pool of over 500 global companies currently researched by Impax, the specialist […]

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Martin Luther King Day at work

January 22, 2008

I am currently consulting at a large corporation. Lots of consultants like me were at work today, even though the company had it as a holiday. Of course , there are monitors left on. There are meeting rooms with lights on. But during the weekend and holidays many of the hallway and galley lights are […]

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Nuclear power, solar power

January 21, 2008

Britain recently announced its support for the construction of new nuclear powers in the country, a move that has led to speculations of a renaissance of nuclear energy. And again, worries about security and the ghost of Chernobyl loom over nuclear power like an apocalyptic nightmare. We grew up with the fear of an atomic […]

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Renewable energy grows

January 19, 2008

German has confirmed its green reputation recently with an article published by the online edition of the Deutsche Welle about the boom of green energy in the country. Tuis accounted for more than 14 per cent of the country’s use of electricity, up from 12 per cent in 2006. “Energy drawn from wind, solar, water, […]

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