October 2008

Solar power: California beaming

October 17, 2008

Solar power luminaries are currently congregated at the biggest sector event in America, and you can catch a bit of the action taking place in San Diego from a podcast found here. Speaking of solar power and California, if you live in San Francisco, the GoSolarSF initiative may be just the ticket for those seeking […]

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The real financial crisis

October 13, 2008

As the world reels from the hurricane that has been devastating global markets, an article on the BBC website puts things into perspective. According to a new study commissioned by the European Commission, we are losing “more money from the disappearance of forests than through the current banking crisis”. And how much?, I hear you […]

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Solar energy tax credit extended

October 10, 2008

The U.S. House and Senate passed historic legislation that will help boost the use of solar energy in America. Renewable energy provisions in H.R.1424 include an eight year extension of the 30% solar tax credit and removal of the monetary cap for residential solar electric installations. The President signed it into law on October 3. […]

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Coal, not just a dirty word

October 7, 2008

These days when the expression ‘clean coal’ is being tossed around by some politicians, policy makers and industry lobbyists, a good word of caution can’t go amiss. There is no such a thing as clean coal, it’s an oxymoron, Steve Musfson writes on Energy Wire. “We can come up with ways to clean up after […]

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British government creates Department for Energy and Climate Change

October 3, 2008

The British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has created a new government Department for Energy and Climate Change. Ed Miliband will be at the helm of the new governmental agency. The Guardian newspaper wrote that the action “signals a major rethink of the government’s environment policy and reflects the rise of climate change to the top […]

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