June 2009

Cheaper solar power for Californians

June 29, 2009

A 1.2-kilowatt solar system for less than $5,000 by Renewable Power Solutions, a provider of solar energy installation services for Bay Area residential, commercial, non-profit and governmental buildings, was made available today after California state announced rebate incentives, tax credits and first-year energy savings. Related Posts:No Related Posts Found! Go find some…

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Turning waste into renewable energy

June 26, 2009

We recently spoke to San Jose’s (Northern California) Development Officer, Steven Brewster, about Green Vision, the City’s plans to have 100% of its energy coming from renewable, clean sources. As part of the plan, the City last week announced it intends to build an organics-to-energy biogas facility, which would be the first of its kind […]

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Renewable energy across the globe: an overview

June 24, 2009

Quite often articles about renewable energy tend to focus on a single issue, such as a company’s technological breakthrough, a regional market or economic issues. Therefore, putting the global picture together is something of a challenge. Here I would point to this excellent article in Renewable Energy World which provides readers with a panoramic view […]

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Climate Change Report: a wake-up call to action

June 17, 2009

The whole world is taking about the Climate Change Report released by the Obama administration via its U.S. Global Change Research Program. The gist of the report is that a reduction in carbon emissions is crucial to mitigate the impact that global warming will have on life as we know it. And it says that […]

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Laser-based manufacturing can give solar power a boost

June 12, 2009

Ten companies and institutes are cooperating in the €6-million joint project called SOLASYS (Next Generation Solar Cell and Module Laser Processing Systems), which is being coordinated by the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT in Germany. The project’s initial results will be presented at the coming international trade fair LASER 2009 – World of Photonics, […]

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