November 2009

Heaven can wait: delegates postpone further action under ozone layer treaty

November 18, 2009

Image via Wikipedia Last month we blogged about the ozone layer, a topic that used to be more popular between the 80s and 90s but which still is very relevant today as the problem of ozone depletion hasn’t gone away. Quite the contrary. Related Posts:Remember the ozone layer? It’s still thereCarbon Levels in the Atmosphere […]

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New photovoltaic system is “foldable, concealed and mobile”

November 16, 2009

It won’t replace silicon PV cells any time soon but it could expand the possibilities of producing solar energy. Related Posts:Researchers Develop Method to Create Photovoltaic Solar Cells from Any MaterialsNew Report Says Alternative Energy is Closer to Grid ParityInnovative Solar Company Featured on Fox TVGermans predict solar energy market expansionLatin America’s Largest Rooftop Solar […]

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Deforestation: a key environmental issue

November 14, 2009

The preservation of the world’s remaining forests is one of the most pressing issues we face today. Forests are also home to most of the world’s wildlife as well as some of the remaining indigenous populations. Besides, the felling of trees releases huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and wreaks havoc with weather […]

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Religious groups pledge to go green

November 11, 2009

Image via Wikipedia Earlier this month (2-4 November) an event at London’s Windsor Castle brought together religious leaders from all major faith traditions to discuss initiatives that such groups can partake to help the fight against climate change. The event, which only served vegan food because it is the only one suitable to all types […]

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Food scraps become electricity and new solar cell coating technology

November 9, 2009

To kick off the week, I’d like to point you to a couple of stories that have called our attention this Monday. The first is about an initiative carried out by the East Bay Municipal Utility District, which provides water and wastewater treatment in the eastern San Francisco Bay Area. The company is “turning food […]

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