March 2010

Is the algal biofuel dream about to come true?

March 15, 2010

The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has been at the forefront of technological breakthroughs for many decades – computer networking, NLS (the first type of hypertext system) – and now its research into algal fuel seems to be yielding results, or so it says. Related Posts:See how big the Gulf of Mexico oil spill […]

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Renewable energy executives call for action from Congress

March 12, 2010

Representatives of various renewable energy sectors have recently called on Congress to “swiftly enact key policies to continue accelerated growth across the entire sector in order to add jobs and boost economic growth in 2010”. During a press event last week, executives stressed that if these policies are not enacted, the renewable energy sector could […]

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Environmental film wins Academy Award

March 8, 2010

There were two environmental films in the Best Documentary category at the 2010 Academy Awards, but it was a film calling for an end of dolphin slaughter in Japan that took home the Oscar statuette. Related Posts:No Related Posts Found! Go find some…

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Norway to start testing world’s largest wind turbine

March 6, 2010

Big wind energy news from Norway, and I mean it literally. Renewable Energy News reports that the Scandinavian energy powerhouse is developing the world’s largest wind turbine, a 533 feet tall giant for offshore operation (thanks to a floating design), although it will be tested on land first. Related Posts:Happy World Environment DayLatin America starts […]

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Europe set to meet 2020 renewable energy targets, says analysis

March 1, 2010

A new report by the European Wind Energy Association predicts that the EU will meet its 2020 20% renewable energy target, or even exceed it in some cases. The analyses covered all 27 Member States. Related Posts:Europe: 100% renewable energy in 2050Alliance Launches 100% Renewable Energy GoalAlternative Energy in the Spotlight at Rio+20Maine Moves To […]

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