April 2010

Ideas to green your home

April 16, 2010

Our homes are a good place to start when it comes to adopting a greener lifestyle. They consume copious amounts of energy, produce a hell of a lot of trash and may include toxic materials in its building. Nasty, right? Related Posts:Toronto’s renewable energy plansAustralian region kicks off the year with solar power feed-in tariff […]

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H2Oil: exposing Canada’s oil industry

April 12, 2010

Let’s start Monday with a trailer of a documentary about the plight of the people who live in the Canadian province of Alberta, where Big Oil is destroying the environment and depleting water supplies. It’s yet another reminder of why fossil fuel is a disaster for the planet and the all the living beings who […]

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Cellulosic ethanol: closer to becoming a reality?

April 5, 2010

Novozymes, a bioinnovation company whose main focus is the development, production and distribution of enzymes, recently launched CELLIC® CTec2 and HTec2, which the company calls its first commercially viable enzymes for cellulosic ethanol. The new enzymes represent an improvement on previous products and are said to be effective on a broad range of feedstocks. The […]

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