October 2010

Second Generation Biofuel Research Gets the Green Light

October 23, 2010

One of the biggest challenges for biofuels is to find ways to break down cellulosic biomass and convert it into ethanol. These are the cell walls of plants, which contain sugars that can become fuel without competing with food crops. The trouble is getting the right enzyme to do the job. Related Posts:Second Generation Biofuel […]

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Wind Power Reaches For the Sky

October 17, 2010

High altitude winds are the greatest source of concentrated energy on Earth, researchers say. And we may be on the way to capturing it. Related Posts:Stanford Offers Online Course on Alternative EnergyNativeEnergy To Build New Community Wind Farm in IndianaWind Power Blows Strong in the UKThe future will be powered mostly by solar and wind, […]

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Blog Action Day 2010: Water

October 15, 2010

Petitions by Change.org|Start a Petition » Did you know that one billion people lack access to clean water? Related Posts:Energy Refuge at the UNEP’s WED Blogging CompetitionWater and Wastewater Treatment Units Turn To Solar Power to Get Greener2012: International Year of Sustainable Energy For AllNorway Launches Energy + To Promote Alternative EnergyUnited Nations Prioritizes Renewable […]

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New System Can Help Predict Photovoltaic Solar Output Variability

October 14, 2010

The variability of cloud patterns is a problem for solar power capturing, especially for larger solar farm operations. If grid operators could forecast or predict these changes before they occur, they would be in a better position to manage load on their grids. Related Posts:No Related Posts Found! Go find some…

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Biofuel Enzyme Breakthrough Promises Greener Bioenergy

October 13, 2010

One of the major concerns regarding biofuels is the competition with food stocks due to concerns of diversion of plants such as maize, sugar cane, rapeseed etc to make fuel. Related Posts:Study Highlights Midwest Alternative Energy PotentialVideo: Argonne National Laboratory’s Director on Alternative EnergyCellulosic Ethanol Expected to Surge in 2013Norway Launches Energy + To Promote […]

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