May 2011

Renewable Energy Needs Comprehensive Policies, Says Stanford Scholar

May 31, 2011

A new paper by Stanford lawyer Felix Mormann argues that pricing alone will not drive the transition to renewable energy, one of the key ingredients to a low-carbon economy necessary to mitigate the impacts of climate change. He identifies and analyzes the obstacles presently barring the rise of renewables, evaluates the role of the current […]

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Switzerland To Phase Out Nuclear Power

May 30, 2011

Germany responded swiftly to the Japanese nuclear crisis by announcing a decision to phase out its older nuclear stations. Japan followed a few weeks later saying that it intends to focus on renewable energy (although it won’t do away with nuclear power altogether). And now Switzerland is looking to hydropower to secure its energy future, […]

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Dispatches From Ontario: Interview with Dr. Andrew Benedek

May 27, 2011

Dr. Andrew Benedek is something of a legend in the water technology industry, therefore it’s no wonder he was one of the stars of the Ontario Global Water Technology Summit that took place in Toronto last week (17-18 May). Related Posts:Water and Wastewater Treatment Units Turn To Solar Power to Get GreenerDispatches From Ontario: More […]

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Stable Policies, Please, Says Wind Power Industry

May 26, 2011

The WINDPOWER 2011 Conference & Exhibition, which kicked off on Monday in Anaheim, California, and folded yesterday, started with the presence of CNN founder Ted Turner, known for his advocacy of renewable energy. Related Posts:Report Highlights Economic Benefits of Wind Power in the U.S.New Website Asks For Support For Wind Power JobsSmall Wind Power Grew […]

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Algae Biofuel: Can Pond Scum Become Our Energy Savior?

May 25, 2011

Every now and then we hear a specialist singing the merits of algae as the ideal solution for the fuel crisis. The idea of algae as a source of biofuel sounds wonderful, but detractors say it’s too expensive and impossible to scale up. But let’s hear for the optimists. Related Posts:Algae Oil Company ‘One To […]

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