August 2012

Experts in Stockholm Analyze the Water/Energy Nexus

August 31, 2012

Global leaders this week gathered in Stockholm, Sweden to discuss issues related to water usage, one of the great environmental challenges of our times. On the eve of the event, called World Water Week, the organization released the results of a research analyzing the benefits, risks and best practice in large-scale water storage. The document, […]

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Infographic: Fuel Cells

August 28, 2012

UTC Power, a provider of fuel cells, has created an infographc illustrating the real world applications of fuel cells. “Fuel cells are not a futuristic power source, but rather a common and effective source of renewable clean energy”, the company said. Follow @energyrefuge Related Posts:No Related Posts Found! Go find some…

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NOMAD, the portable solar light solution

August 27, 2012

An increasing number of companies has been working to create portable solar products, which are ideal for people living in remote, off-grid areas. One of them is O’SUN, which has created a range of products under the Nomad banner. Related Posts:Two New Projects Boost Australia’s Solar Power MixHappy Thanksgiving Day with Good News from the […]

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Solar, Not Kerosene, Is What the World Needs

August 24, 2012

Like in cartoons, sometimes a brilliant idea appears in the shape of a light bulb. This is because solar lights are some of the most brilliant ideas being developed to make the world a more sustainable place and to promote inclusion for those people living in remote areas. Related Posts:No Related Posts Found! Go find […]

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EV Charging Station Powered by the Wind

August 22, 2012

Some people say that electric vehicles are as sustainable as the energy that feeds into them. The DuraStation does just that, provides electric power to EVs using wind as the source of that power. Related Posts:GE To Buy 25,000 Electric VehiclesGE Tests High-Efficiency Wind Turbine in the NetherlandsIBM Wants to Extend Electric Vehicle Battery RangeNissan’s […]

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