November 2012

ELF, the Three Wheeled Solar Bicycle

November 30, 2012

A new means of transport needs a new name. ELF is a “ velomobile” , a combination of bicycle and automobile powered with solar energy and good old pedaling force is raising funds via KickStarter. At the time of writing the project had raised US$26,397 out of the targeted US$100,000. The deadline is January 13. […]

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Indian Students Get Award for Sustainable Cooking Solution

November 28, 2012

A team of student entrepreneurs from India called Greenway Grameen Infra has won the Grand Prize earlier this month at the 8th Annual Intel Global Challenge at UC Berkeley. The global business plan competition rewards student entrepreneurs who tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues with innovative ideas. Related Posts:Solar Plays Key Role in […]

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Happy Thanksgiving Day with Good News from the Solar Power Front

November 22, 2012

As we reported earlier this month, the Solar Foundation’s preliminary National Solar Jobs Census found indicated that U.S. solar industry employs 119,016 Americans, or an addition of 13,872 workers and a 13.2% employment growth rate over the previous year. Based on 2012 data collection, TSF also revised the 2011 total jobs number from 100,237 to […]

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São Paulo To Pilot Grid-Connected Solar Farm

November 20, 2012

Brazil is known for its non-fossil energy matrix largely thanks to its reliance on hydropower, which comes with its fair share of controversy as the case of the mega dam Belo Monte exemplifies. Wind power is starting to grow in the country but solar photovoltaic is still a minuscule, virtually non-existent industry. Related Posts:Latin America’s […]

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New Report Says Global Wind Power Market Could Triple by 2020

November 15, 2012

A new report compiled by Greenpeace International and the Global Wind Energy Council on the future of the wind industry and released yesterday in Beijing says wind power could supply up to 12 percent of global electricity by 2020, creating 1.4 million new jobs and reducing CO2 emissions by more than 1.5 billion tons per […]

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