January 2013

Plastic Dumped in the Ocean Travels Far, New Research Reveals

January 11, 2013

For a few years now the world has been aware of the poisoning of our oceans with plastic. The image of spiral-shaped debris island in Pacific off the Californian coast, called Great Pacific Garbage Patch, is a haunting one as is the image of decomposing dead birds whose bodies have become plastic dumpsters. Related Posts:Australians […]

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Berlin: More (Electric) Power to the People

January 8, 2013

German capital Berlin is one of Europe’s great cities and if BürgerEnergie Berlin (Citizens Energy Berlin) could have its way, it will be even greater. Related Posts:Alternative Energy Is Topic of New TV SeriesRecord Investment In Alternative Energy in 2011; US Back at Number One2012: International Year of Sustainable Energy For AllMoving Planet Invites the […]

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MidAmerican Solar Buys Antelope Valley Solar Projects

January 3, 2013

A recent deal has created the largest permitted solar photovoltaic power development in the world, and will create a cool 650 construction jobs in the process. MidAmerican Solar, a subsidiary of MidAmerican Renewables, bought from SunPower the 579 MW Antelope Valley Solar Projects (AVSP), two co-located projects in Kern and Los Angeles Counties in California. […]

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