August 2017

5 Ways Bog Mats Help Protect Environment

August 23, 2017

Necessary steps must be taken by companies and their contractors to avert damage to environmentally sensitive areas. The use of bog mats is prevalent among industries keen to preserve natural areas. A bog mat is a cover designed to shield the ground from the impact of heavy machinery. Here are five ways bog mats help […]

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How to Make a Period Property More Energy Efficient

August 22, 2017

Period properties are beautiful, but they can also be problematic. Modern building methods are very different and we don’t have to contend with issues such as lead paint or asbestos when buying a modern home. A ZOTApro certification will teach you all you need to know about lead paint if you have an older home […]

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DEELAT Solar Powered Motion Light Review

August 5, 2017

This review is of the DEELAT solar powered motion light which we had the pleasure of testing recently. This light is useful for home use as a security system to alert a homeowner to motion nearby and is also ideal for pathways, parking lots, and campuses. The product was packaged well and was protected against […]

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From Reusable Bags to Solar Power: A Look at How We’ve Gone More Green in the Last 20 Years

August 1, 2017

As technology continues to force humanity to adapt in new and exciting ways, many people remain skeptical of its influence. Virtually nothing has remained unchanged due to its influence, a proposition that is very terrifying to some. However, it’s also important to remember just how effective technology has been at improving quality of life for […]

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