5 Ways Bog Mats Help Protect Environment

by Tom Z. on August 23, 2017

Necessary steps must be taken by companies and their contractors to avert damage to environmentally sensitive areas. The use of bog mats is prevalent among industries keen to preserve natural areas. A bog mat is a cover designed to shield the ground from the impact of heavy machinery. Here are five ways bog mats help protect environment.

  1. Tree Roots are Unharmed

Transporting heavy machinery to a location might affect the region’s natural habitat as it often damages tree roots. Avert these issues with the use of bog mats. Tree roots supply the area’s forests with nutrients and essential moisture. These mats ensure that the underground tree roots are not damaged in mining operations or while preparing an oil rig inside a forest.

  1. Stops Soil Erosion

Contractors linked with different corporations are constantly on the lookout for natural and essential resources. It is their duty to ensure that the neighbouring environment does not sustain irreversible damage during the process of extraction.

Mining and rigging oilfields have a negative impact on the ground quality and tend to spoil the area`s ecological balance. They carry heavy machineries to the spot via wet grounds, marshlands or green fields. Bog mats ensure that the natural nutrients and minerals in the soil remain undisturbed and create short-term access through these regions.

  1. Natural Wetlands are Properly Preserved

Factors such as oilfield rigging, real-estate projects, urbanization and pollution are leading to rapid destruction of wetlands. Wetlands are the water supply resources for plants and bog mats help in preserving them.

These mats maintain the ecological balance adjoining these wetlands and also limit direct impact from human footfall.

  1. Animal Habitat Devastation is Prevented

An area`s biodiversity is significantly affected by earthworms and beetles as they depend on the soil for sustenance and shelter. An ecological imbalance is inevitable when there is deterioration in the ground quality. This in turn endangers their natural habitat as well.

A transitory access for animals and insects is created with the use of bog mats. It also sustains the environmental balance without disturbing their habitat.

  1. Restore the Ecosystem

Companies can carry out their work without adversely affecting the natural balance of life and resources. Your project’s objectives can be fulfilled in an agreeable way with the use of bog mats. Use them in a big, inaccessible forest or on preserved park land. There isn’t a better way to protect the ground yet make a conscious effort to leave the soil immaculate after completion of the task.

Bog mats allow your vehicles to reach the exact spot and are a crucial requirement in construction sites on boggy terrain. These mats are long-lasting and durable. Select from different sizes as per the different applications.

Safeguard the environment with the use of bog mats. One of the biggest challenges in this day and age is conservation of the environment. Using bog mats is a simple and easy way to make sure that the environment is better protected and less harmed while your construction or engineering project is on its way.

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