Alternative Energy and Peace

by free electron on January 29, 2008

I recently read an article in the New York Times where the author stated that alternative energy would not reduce terrorism. The basic tension would still be there, even though the Muslim oil producing states would have less income to divert to terrorist organizations.

But I disagree. I know the easiest way to stay out of a fight is to not deal with the enemy. And if the United States and the rest of the developed world was not dependent on the Middle East for oil, would we have army bases there? Would we care about who the dictator was in any of the countries? Would we meddle in their affairs?

Since I am recently separated, I understand how distance and time can be a salve for anger. My ex-wife and I can talk about things now. And if it gets rough, we can go to our separate corners, calm down and get back to discussing things calmly.

The United States has been involved in the politics of Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia for at least 50 years. I can understand their anger at us. We need some separation.

If we didn’t have to see them everyday at the national gas pump, I think we could have more rational conversations with them, and they could be more rational too. Imagine if there were no soldiers in their lands reminding them that we dominate them in so many things. Imagine if they had to develop their human resources instead of just relying on their natural resources, how they would be forced to learn and develop. Imagine how the United States’ foreign policy would change if other countries’ natural resources were not vital to us.

I will be listening to the President’s State of the Union tonight to see what he has to propose about alternative energy. You will be able to read my report on it very soon.

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