Apps to Save Electricity, Money and the Environment

by Antonio Pasolini on April 11, 2012

Here at Energy Refuge we promote alternative energy tirelessly, but we are also big supporters of energy efficiency, which is one of the first steps toward a more sustainable planet.

With the mass popularity of smartphones, there are millions of applications designed for them, some of which are designed to help users save electricity and lead a greener life. We have taken inspiration from the Alliance To Save Energy and compiled a list of apps that you can download to your smartphone to help you reduce your electricity and fuel consumption.

Light Bulb Finder – Switching from incandescent to energy-efficient light bulbs is a must if you want to save electricity; Light Bulb Finder helps you do just that. The app recommends energy-saving bulbs with the right light quality, fit and style. For each recommendation, Light Bulb Finder calculates financial payback and environmental impact. Energy-saving bulbs can be purchased via the app or at local stores. It was developed by Eco Hatchery and it’s free.

iamgreen’s Battery Saver – This one helps you adjust your battery settings to cut out unnecessary energy draining settings such as bright screens and unneeded Wi-Fi. It also includes an energy quiz, offers tips on saving energy and plants a tree with each purchase. It is available for BlackBerry and Android.

Reduce the phantom load – appliances use energy if when they are not in use but remain plugged in – this is called phantom load and accounts for 10% of an average home’s electricity use. iGo Vampire Power Calculator helps you calculate how much electricity you may be wasting in each room of your home.

Thermostats – If you use a Nest thermostat, check out its app from Apple. Ecobee, another popular thermostat brand, also has an app available for Apple and Android.

Power strips: Manage your smart power strips from UFO Power Center from your phone while EnergyHub provides power strips and sockets that allow you to remotely turn off connected devices.

Driving: There are apps to save fuel, too. If you want to become a more fuel-efficient driver, greenMeter is the app for you. You can position it in the same way as you would a GPS. The app’s sensors record your speed and changes in acceleration tell you if you are driving efficiently. This is useful because speeding, rapid acceleration and braking can reduce gas mileage by one third.

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