Bloom Energy’s clean energy technology

by Antonio Pasolini on February 23, 2010

The internet is buzzing with Bloom Energy’s “Bloom Boxes”, which are small fuel cell boxes the company says could meet the electricity needs of any household. The flurry of media coverage was sparked by an interview on CBS’s 60 Minutes (see video below), which called the invention “a power plant in a box”.

K.R. Sridhar, Bloom Energy’s founder and former rocket scientist, spoke to Lesley Stahl about the process (energy is produced through a combination of air and any fuel source, including solar) and he comes across as a true genius with a vision. Skeptics question the viability of the project, but companies such as eBay and Google are testing Bloom Box and seem happy about it. Even former Secretary of State Colin Powell makes a surprising appearance and says that believes the technology could be part of the energy solution the world is looking for.

It does sound promising, although the company is still quite secretive about its technology – the interview was more like a sneak preview than a fully-fledged launch. In a nutshell, if successful, Bloom Boxes would spell independence from the grid and that would be something amazing to achieve.

Watch the video below. What do you think about Bloom Box?

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