Bob Barr’s Energy Policy

by free electron on August 24, 2008

You can read all three paragraphs of Bob Barr’s energy policy here.

His policy has nothing about alternative fuels, conservation, or transportation. His policy is “Get rid of the regulations and drill.”

I was originally interested in a Libertarian party candidate. I believe we should be allowed to make our own choices. I believe we have the responsibility to live with our own choices. But government should not be drowned in a bathtub. It is one method for us to pool our resources and make big things happen. It is also a good way to make sure that people work with each other fairly. No lying on SEC statements. No lying on medical claims for drugs and therapies. No lying on contracts. No stealing from the stockholders or the pension fund.

I cannot personally fund alternative energy research in any meaningful way. But all us can with just a few pennies each.

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