CAFE Standards can’t be that hard on the automakers

by free electron on December 26, 2007

How do I know this? Look at this site. This guy has modified his car. Sure, I can’t do any of that. If I tried the whole thing would fall apart out of spite. But he did. And his mpg went to 95! 95 mpg at 65 mph For most of us that would mean that gas would not cost $3 per 25 miles, but $3 for 95 miles or under a dollar for 25 miles.

Some of his changes could easily be made by the auto industry.

Mirrors on the inside? Why not?
More efficient use of the electrical system? Piece of cake.
Aerodynamic shaping around the tires, front and back. I think it should be possible.

My guess is that reducing turbulence around the tires and using LED headlights would get the auto industry to the new CAFE standards.

I salute basjoos who has the aerocivic. But I am not saying we should all mod our cars. As I wrote above, if I tried the whole car would fall apart. But basjoos, you should be an inspiration to the automotive engineers out there in Detroit, Japan and everywhere else they get in their little boxy windbreakers.

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