Canada Now Home To World’s Largest Solar Power Farm

by Antonio Pasolini on October 25, 2010

Source: EcoGeekSarnia Solar Facility, deemed the world’s largest solar power station, has opened in Canada. Located in Ontario, it has a capacity of 80MW, 20MW above Olmedilla PV Park in Spain, which so far has held the title as the largest of its kind in the world. Sarnia is expected to generate 120,00MWh per year, or enough power for 12,800 homes.

The station is a partnership between Enbridge Energy and First Solar, which provides thin-film panels, arguably cleaner than standard silicon ones.

“Enbridge will sell the power output of the facility to the Ontario Power Authority pursuant to 20-year Power Purchase Agreements under the terms of the Ontario government’s Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program”, the company said in an official statement.

Via EcoGeek

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