2-G Biofuel

Financial Boost For Cellulose Biofuel Company

November 6, 2013

C5.6 Technologies of Middleton (WI) and the Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology (WIST) at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point recently won the grant to continue work on developing bacteria that will ferment sugar into isoprene, a high-energy molecule that can be used to make jet and other alternative energy fuels. The financial boost came from […]

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Study Highlights Midwest Alternative Energy Potential

January 28, 2013

A new study called Sustainable bioenergy production from marginal lands in the US Midwest shows how marginal lands deemed unsuitable for food crops can be used to grow grassy and non-woody plants as biomass for alternative energy fuels. According to a Phys report, faculty members and a Ph.D. student from the Department of Geographical Sciences […]

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AirBus Reveals Its Vision for Sustainable Air Travel

September 26, 2012

Aircraft manufacturer AirBus earlier this month revealed Smarter Skies, a kind of manifesto for cleaner, more sustainable air travel. The program is part of The Future series and serves up sustainable solutions and ideas for the expected increase in air travel by 2050 and the environmental challenges that lay ahead. Related Posts:Lufthansa Enters Algae Biofuel […]

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Making Gasoline With Biomass

September 11, 2012

Is it possible to make gasoline with biomass? Some people think so and this is what CORE BioFuel has set out to do since it was founded in 2008. Related Posts:Study Highlights Midwest Alternative Energy PotentialPrimus Green Energy Opens Alternative Gasoline Demonstration PlantProtest in London Against UK Biofuel SubsidiesHigher Demand For Biomass Can Drive Up […]

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Biofuel Industry Converges in Rotterdam, Holland

March 8, 2012

Between March 13-15, representatives of the biofuel industry will be meeting in Rotterdam to discuss the latest developments in this industry. World Biofuels Market 2012 is organized by Green Power Conferences, which organizes conferences and events focusing on the renewable energy, climate change and sustainability sectors. Amongst confirmed speakers are BBC presenter’s Jeremy Paxman, Solazyme’s […]

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