Lufthansa Enters Algae Biofuel Production Deal

September 28, 2012

Following up on the last blog post about AirBus’s vision of a sustainable future for aviation, we hear that German airline Lufthansa has entered a partnership with Algae.Tec to build a large-scale algae-based jet fuel production facility in Europe. Related Posts:Lufthansa: Biofuels Could Be Aviation’s Standard in Five YearsAirBus Reveals Its Vision for Sustainable Air […]

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AirBus Reveals Its Vision for Sustainable Air Travel

September 26, 2012

Aircraft manufacturer AirBus earlier this month revealed Smarter Skies, a kind of manifesto for cleaner, more sustainable air travel. The program is part of The Future series and serves up sustainable solutions and ideas for the expected increase in air travel by 2050 and the environmental challenges that lay ahead. Related Posts:Lufthansa Enters Algae Biofuel […]

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Israeli Researchers See Biofuel Potential in Seaweed

March 12, 2012

One of the major criticisms of biofuels is that they compete with food in terms of land use, driving prices up. In order to solve the problem, how about looking to the ocean as a source of biofuel? Scientists from different departments at Tel Aviv University have discovered that marine macroalgae, the common seaweed, can […]

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Algae Biodiesel Takes Off

November 7, 2011

One of the most promising types of raw materials to produce biofuel being researched is algae. Today the technology reaches new heights with United Airlines’ Flight 1403 between Houston and Chicago, The historic flight departs Bush International Airport at 10:25 am CT from terminal C, and lands at Chicago O’Hare at 1:01pm CT, arriving at […]

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Greenpeace Canada Releases Damning Report on Wood-based Biofuel

November 3, 2011

The Canadian chapter of Greenpeace yesterday released a report that highlights the dangers of the large-scale use of wood and tree harvesting for heating, electricity generation or liquid biofuels. The report is called ‘Fuelling a Biomess’ and it argues that burning woody biomass on an industrial scale could severely harm Canada’s public forests and further […]

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